It’s a wonderful and touching experience to make things for people that I get to connected to, such a meaningful blessings to me. I love it most when I get to know the person more and knowing that we share the same values of life.

Menuet earrings for carol

Just back from the post office where I picked up my wonderful new earrings. They are wonderful, light weight, beautifully designed, and came in an elegant package. I love all the cards and dried flowers included in the package.  You are a “class act”, which is the way we describe people who do things in an elegant, fine, artistic, beautiful way.  Your earrings are so beautiful, they were well worth waiting for.

I ALWAYS pay very close attention to details.  You have worked very hard to make an especially great presentation of your jewelry, and I think that really matters.  The way you wrap the earrings, the way you close the plastic bag, the way you place it in the box, and the cotton it rests on, the note you included, and the printed paper with instructions for care of the jewelry. The ribbon and the dried flowers, the repeat of the theme of dried flowers on your little card……. The whole thing shows that you really have great respect for yourself, your jewelry creations, and your customers who will receive all of this. I compliment you again and again for taking the time and the trouble to make such a beautiful presentation of your jewelry.

the geometric earrings that I love so much have such an amazing sense of order and to me, that is a feeling of peace.

Euripides said:” Mighty is geometry, joined with art, resistless.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “If a man is at once acquainted with the geometric foundation of things and with their festal splendor, his poetry is exact and his arithmatic musical.”

 ~Carol F.R. from New York~

VERA’s custom ring

Finally I get the ring I’ve dreamed about for many years, I am really so excited about it 🙂 My mum has a ring like this one, she bought it many many years ago and I’ve always loved that ring and I’ve researched for years to get one like hers too but for some reason I never found one that’s perfect and the the right size 😀

~Vera from Finland~

Mina’s minimalist necklace and earrings

Hello hello Maggie, I’ve just receive your parcel!!! I was so rush to open it and found such minimal beauties. Awwww I just tried them on! with my white shirts!! You know what?? It looks really good on me! Definitely my happiest Friday ever!! Love love, Mina

~Mina from Japan~