My Heavenly Atelier – where new beginning rooted in simplicity

My Heavenly Atelier - Rooted in Simplicity
When a 1 month project became 3 months?

It isn’t simple at all but the efforts are well worth it because I know I am creating a site that will simplify all the jobs that I’ll be doing in the near future. So, I could spend more time designing, creating and doing more of what an artisan should be doing. Simplicity doesn’t mean simpler or simple minded.

My Heavenly Atelier - one baby step at a time - rooted in simplicity

Deciding on 1st blog post

I really do not know what to write about when it comes to first blog post, there are too many things to talk about and you know when you have too many ideas it paralyzes you. I just have to tell myself, keep calm and simplify. Then later, after much thoughts, I decided on sharing a little about how I got here and about why I am doing what I do.

begining rooted in simplicity - my heavenly atelier

The poor artisan?

I call myself insane as It isn’t an easy thing to work as an artisan in my country. You’ll always be talking down to, you’ll always be the poor artist who can’t even survive at least in your friend’s and family’s opinion.

Getting started

The desire of starting a handmade business focusing on simple designs had grown much these years, it is an inner reflection of wanting to simplify and declutter practically everything in life, from relationships to all small and big businesses and possessions.  As there’s always so much happening in life it’s easier to see through things when you posses a fewer of them. A great ‘few’ things plus a great ‘few’ healthy relationships does help a lot.

To make blogging easier, I decided to share only about 3 main topics on this blog, which are :

  1. Anything related to simplicity, it could be a simple style or remedies or recipe.
  2. Walk with Christ – celebrating the renewal of faith.
  3. My shop journal – anything happening in shop.

(Oh God knows I don’t really have any ideas for all those yet!)

Do I think my handmade is that heavenly as shop name suggest?

I’ve always thought that I’d like to start a business where my true calling is. I thank God for letting me know where my strength is, those areas I know I’m good at, which is creating and making things. I’m really not bragging about that but being grateful of what my Maker has made me into. He made me in His likeness, whom Himself is a maker. At least that’s what I like to think about, like a lot.:D So, there’s always the word ‘heavenly’ in my shop’s name, from the former ‘the heavenly jewelry’ to the later ‘my heavenly atelier’, a shop dedicated to my Savior.

I’m not sure where all this is leading me to right now, but I’m just placing all my trust in my Maker and keep moving ahead. (although it is at snail speed, ha…)

If anyone is reading this, do say hi in comments. I like to know if there’s anything you like to read about? Let me know? Thanks!

Til then,


2 thoughts on “My Heavenly Atelier – where new beginning rooted in simplicity

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    Jeni says:

    For your 1st blog post it was an enjoyable read! I’m very happy for you for taking this leap. I remember when I first started my blog in 2012, I didn’t know what to wrote about it. I suppose it was just my introduction. You’ve done well here and I’m looking forward to seeing your page & buissness grow! Best wishes!

    • Avatar
      Maggie says:

      Jeni! Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for all the wonderful wishes! I’ve much to learn about blogging and your blog would certainly be an inspiration for me. (Just signed up, yay! ) I’m so glad to have get connected with you on IG, looking forward to see your wonderful feeds! Have a great weekend!

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