Basic Duo Necklace


Basic Duo Necklace is designed with the goal of sustainability and day to day basis in mind.

It is simple, elegant, minimalist, modern, and versatile. You could wear this necklace with casual, smart outfits, under a jacket to more formal work attire.

Minimalist and functional, the Duo Necklace is an excellent piece to go with for elevating your daily basic, clean and fresh look.

The necklace is also made environmentally friendly, with 30% less process. Thus, it’s is great for those who care for the surroundings and also for the maker.

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Double Circle Choker Necklace


A Double Circle Choker Necklace made in the purest form of geometry- circle. The design idea of this necklace is from the basic round shape.

The circle has a synonym meaning of balance, and the whole design concept of the necklace is finding the balance in every day.

This necklace is so modern and minimalist and could be worn in 4 different ways with and without the pendant.

With its light and airy design, this necklace would elevate your minimalist chic look effortlessly.




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Minimalist Line and Bar Necklace


Made with simple line and geometrical elements in the design, this Minimalist Line and Bar Necklace is perfect for upping your daily basic look.

This necklace will give you a modern, trendy look effortlessly. You would achieve the minimalist chic style easily by pairing this necklace over your causal outfits or under your basic shirt.

Whether you are attending formal meetings, friends and family gatherings, this necklace would elevate your effortless style instantly.




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Lune Bar Necklace


This Lune Bar Necklace is minimalist, simple yet luxurious. Made with solid 14kt Gold and versatile enough to pair with all outfit. It makes a great piece for everyday jewelry collection too.

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