New Released Architectural Earrings


Hi all, I’d love you to meet these newbies available in the shop 🙂 It’s been quite a while that I released any new designs due to various reasons. Without further ado, let’s meet these multi geometrical architectural earrings. They are now more than one type of geometric shape some designs. The front thin line geometric shape has been replaced by a dome silver droplet, which is still minimal but has a smoother front end and makes the overall piece more intricate. 

Architectural Hexagan Earrings- Latest Design- MyHeavenly Atelier 2
Architectural Hexagon Earrings 2.0

If you like some subtle touches that are fun and elegant, without being too overwhelming like me, these newbies would definitely meet your needs. Those shapes would pop in front and behind your ears, and create some interesting impressions for you.

Architectural Triangle Earrings- Latest Design- MyHeavenly Atelier 1
Architectural Triangle Earrings 2.0

This architectural triangle design is what I would suggest if you like some edgy looking style, as they have some sharper angles and definition.

Architectural Moon Earrings- Latest Design- MyHeavenly Atelier 2
Double Circle Architectural Earrings 2.0

For the sleek minimalist chic, these circle earrings is the answer. I like to say it gave you a smoothest finishing, an expression I use a lot in polishing techniques, but seem appropriate here. xoxo…

Here they are, in all 3 hexagons, triangle and circle designs. Which one do you like most? Of course, I hope you’d like all of them.

Till Then,