New Face on My Heavenly Atelier

New Face @

I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a new face in the shop. Here this gorgeous is, my new met friend, Faith from

We actually met at a Keto cooking class twice and were having so much fun during the session.

Faith is such a beauty inside out so it’s not a surprise that I think she is a good fit with my handmade brand. 🙂 I’m more than glad that she said yes when I asked if she likes to do some modeling for my handmade.

My Heavenly Atelier - Featuring Faith
Featuring Faith from

On the shooting day, we started with some simple hair styling and minimal makeup as these are really not necessary. Faith is such a natural beauty! She continues to surprise me with her linguistic talent as I get to know her more, she could actually communicate with me in Mandarin. Oh wow, what an intelligent mind!

These photoshoots were done with lots of natural lights, so fortunate to have lots of it on the day.

Everything went really smooth and with lots of small talks and laughs in between. I’ve really enjoyed this shooting session with Faith and really grateful for her time to be here.

Hope y’all likes these shots as much as I do 🙂

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TIl then,