My Heavenly Atelier Studio Tour

my heavenly atelier 6 - Studio Tour


I couldn’t believe it’s been a year since I moved into this space and my bad for this late tour, lol… The concrete floor, big windows with lot of natural sun light and plenty of space for me to work is really a dream comes true. Although mom passed away when I was only here for 2 months, she came and visited this place with me before she went on.

Very soon, orders spike up and I am on some major press for the first time, The Star paper and The Options- The Edge. When everything seems to went on so well, all of a sudden, I encountered a major health issue. It all begins with some tiny itch here and there and finally lead to severe eczema flare ups. Yes it’s that chronic disease that causes others miseries too. From being affected a little til badly affected, I could only work the most 1-2 days a week.

After about 5 months treating Ezcema by changing diet, I could now live a more normal life again, thanks to Karen Fisher’s Ezcema Diet program!

Here are some corners and ideas that been brought into the studio, hope you’ll like this space as much as I do. 😀


My Heavenly Atelelier 3

Truly miss this scene where morning coffee is pour and usually serve with honey and my favorite butter raisin scone. (not anymore, at least for now as I need to to stay away from coffee and dairy for a very strict Eczema diet.)


my heavenly atelier 5

A row of light bulbs with white wires that brighten up the studio during gloomy and rainy days. The idea of using white wire instead of black, is to create an impression of spaciousness here.

The studio were initially bare, I didn’t know it takes so much to have light to be installed. From deciding on the type of light bulbs, brightness capacity to designing the entire lighting was kinda fun but I must say, it is sooooo challenging!

Let not forget those long white tables, many orders have been packed on them by now, this is my usual packing station.


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 5

Here’s my hand drawn lighting design, it is almost 100% of what I imagined it to be 🙂 What do you think?


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 1

Another set of lighting that are against the wall where I placed the work bench, I have sat here many hours sweating and muscle aching while making jewelries.


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 2

Another corner for break, coffee or tea. Sometimes, a great place chitchatting with friends here.


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 3

Where morning coffee is made. As I like to keep this space clean, tidy and organize with minimal work, I’ve opt for a quick coffee machine. I know it’s better to have those pretty french press ………


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 4

The 3 tiers decorative white wall, where some of my handmade is display. This wall make one of the favorite corner where jewelries pictures are taken.


My Heavenly Atelelier 3

A corner for me to take short break where large section of plain white wall reserved for photography purposes. Best spot to have model posing here with lot of natural sunlight.


My Heavenly Atelier - Studio Tour 6

Photography corner for most of the jewelries in shop. Another best spot with lot of natural sunlight too 🙂

How could I not be happy working in this studio everyday? Oh yes, as I’m recovering, I could now work in this space for 5-8 hours again. So grateful!

Til then,

Maggie XX