Monthly Giveaway Campaign


The coming new year of 2020 is all about giving and making connections with the tribe for both myheavenlyatelier and myself. So, to express my gratitude, I will be giving away a USD50 gift voucher every month for all of you who have supported my handmade thus far. I really appreciated the fact that many of you told me you’ve loved those jewelry pieces as much as I do.

A winner will be chosen every month, and if there’s no winner of the month, the gift voucher will go to the next month’s winner. Meaning to say that the winner of the month would receive 2 gift vouchers instead of one. (some terms may apply)

It’s really easy to enter, all you have to do is :

  • Create a photo with you wearing any myheavenlyatelier pieces of jewelry.
  • Post on any social media of yours and notify me. (Tag me or send me an email myheavenlyatelier [!at]
  • Winner with the most creative and beautifully shot, and clear photos will win.
  • I will contact the winner.

Some tips to winning this :

  • You could enter more than once to increase your chances.
  • Remember to notify me by sending me the link so I never missed them.
  • When sending via email, enter MONTHLY CAMPAIGN (MONTH) 2020 in the subject column. ie: MONTHLY CAMPAIGN JAN2020
  • A clearer and brighter background shot will be more favorable than a busy one.

Terms and Conditions

  • The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date it is received by the winner.
  • Each gift voucher could be used in a single checkout.
  • Each gift voucher could not be used with other promotions in the shop.
  • You could share your gift vouchers by gifting it to others.
  • Gift vouchers could only be used once.

Happy creating and I’m so looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful shots.

Till then,