Mindful Design and Inspiration in Musical Form and Geometry

Allemande Earrings, Menuet Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier

I’ve been asked of this 2 questions very often: where’s your inspiration from? Do you ever run out of ideas? The answer to the later is no, never. I never run out of designing ideas and inspiration are always coming to me in all kind of forms and ways. They are sometimes not even in a physical form but in the form of structure or concept.

Musical form, for example have inspired me to think of designs that is balance in itself, just as the musical form suggest. I’m truly bless to be given the continuous flow of ideas, sometimes too many and I have to stop them from coming. LOL. Geometry is another main source of my inspiration, I’m in love with its measured balance, which really helps me to design mindfully with crisp and clear linear movements. 

Menuet Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier Design

Menuet Earrings

Designing in musical form

Menuet is a well known musical term, it refers to round dance during the baroque period. Bach had wrote lots of music in this form. It is a 3 beats music in 3 sections where the main section’s theme recurs during the last section, giving it a sense of returning and feeling of finishing.

Menuet earrings is design and structure with this form in mind, there are 3 main parts that form the earrings, from the top geometric circles to the bottom circle and end with a semi droplet. To keep the earrings balance, it is completed with a long tail ear wire. Some fine sand polishing details were given to the silver droplet in contrast to the polished overall body. This make the earrings looks really modern and with a touch of subtlety. I’ve always amaze with the result (the way they look) of these earrings, they have also won a lots of compliments for my shop. (soooo happy :)) 

Allemande Earrings

Mimicking and intertwining form with geometry 

Allemande earrings is another design from musical inspired series. Allemande is a musical term for square dance so it is not surprise that I’m taking the idea and have made the first pair of Allemande earrings with lots of square and rectangular shape. Again, to give it a good balance, there are 5 of squarish and rectangular shapes in this interesting design. I love its modern and minimalist looks a lot and always think that it is a great option for a powerful yet feminine look, thanks to its angular edges. 


I hope you like these 2 designs as much as I do. Let me know what you think of them and if you are designer of any form, share with me what inspires you? Is it nature, a person or anything?

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