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Hi, I’m Maggie, the artisan, creator and designer @myheavenlyatelier. I found it thrilling, creating with hands and working with different metals and media. Forming an object with specific shapes in mind and making them useful is meaningful to me. Finding the geometry balance and presenting each project at its most exceptional aesthetic is my highest calling. It is really an art to learn and master.

I was trained as a musician at a very young age. Many years back, I was given a chance to study music abroad in my dream city, London. This incredible experience has instilled in me an innovative way of thinking. That experience has brought me into the exploration of the journey of designing jewelry and making modern adornments.

Enjoying the simple moments in life is exceptionally important to me. In the journey of losing both my parents in the past two years, failing in relationships and health, I have learned to overcome by appreciating and celebrating the everyday moments in life. Spreading this message and instilling them into my creation, I am looking forward to inspire others to live and enjoy the simplicity found in the now.

Another exciting aspect that I have enjoyed along this journey is to get connected with other creatives and people who are like-minded around the world. It often puts a big smile on me when I received a simple kind feedback from customers. And sometimes long, meaningful, heartfelt conversation from across the globe through emails. I have always loved and appreciated those moments and really thankful to those who care.