How Simplicity make Packaging and Branding Ideas Work for My Shop

Shop Packaging and Branding Ideas - My Heavenly Atelier

Helloooooo….. Yes it’s been a few months I’ve not keep shop blog updated. There were so much to take care of once web shop back up and running again. I am still hustling with back end chores like keeping the designs of shop consistent, make sure every single clicks and links do their job properly, testing packaging ideas so it could sustain through some harsh shipping sometimes, tidying work space so I could work effectively and whatever you can think of would be here.


This is particularly true to me especially when I have back to back endless chores. I’ll become overwhelm very quickly and the next moment I got paralyzed and not productive at all. Whenever this happened, I need to step away, take a deep breath, sip some tea or coffee, and remind myself to soak right back into simplicity. That one question I ask over and over again, how do I simplify this? 

Packaging Ideas and Branding - My Heavenly Atelier 2

Silver Weaved Hoops, Rhondonite Earrings, Comet Ring & Marble Necklace


It seems pretty easy to wrap a nice gift and add some beautiful details on it but it is not that easy when you have to think of making it sustainable through long journey and still looking pretty when it is unwrapped. I had tons of ideas how pretty i like them to look but soon many ideas were discarded because it won’t sustain throughout the shipping journey.

There’s 2 goals I need to meet here, looking great and safe to ship! While testing many beautiful ways of packaging, I found out as long as I keep things simple and basic it is easier to keep the pure and clean aesthetic. With this thought in head, I worked out all the details involved in jewelry cards, jewelry tags, box inner lays, box design, logo design, logo stickers and their respective sizes. I also narrowed down the choices of colors to make things simple that I don’t have to keep running through color charts thinking of which color to use. (This matter a lot when I have my designer hat on, LOL)

Double Rings & Jewelry Tags - My Heavenly Atelier

Double Rings with Jewelry Tags


As the only person working in shop, thinking in different roles is unavoidable. But I get overwhelm again if I’m thinking in multiple roles at the same time! (That’s insane ok, lol) Again, to keep myself focus and work effectively I need to simplify the situation to only one role at the time, one project at the time, within a particular time frame.

As a brand manager, I take a fresh look at the shop overall appearances every now and then, from photos, theme, shop products, packaging to social medias making sure that they are relevant and consistent. Simplicity have help me to be able to take care of each roles effectively and I’m able to pull myself away from the project when it doesn’t need my attention or put myself in it when it needs me. 

Branding and Packaging Ideas - My Heavenly Atelier 3

Simple Logo and Design on Jewelry Tags

I hope you like this simple logo that I mindfully designed, each of those lines and shapes has its own meaning. See how cute they look when printed on a small round sticker. Perhaps I”ll make another blog post on how I design the logo. 

Let me know what you think of this new packaging and branding ideas? I would really love to hear from you. 🙂

Til then XX