In the long run, caring and leaving less waste to the environment would benefit everyone. Therefore, it is my responsibility to source the best possible ethical materials for all ethical wearers of My Heavenly Atelier Jewelry.

It’s essential to know and understand the metals as these jewelry pieces are going to have close contact with your skin. All metals used in My Heavenly Atelier are lead-free and nickel-free, and in their natural form as much as possible. You could find out more details about each metal from the info below.

I have a part-timer assisting me in the studio sometimes. We practice health and environmental awareness while working in the studio. The studio is airy, clean, bright, and the process we use is as natural as possible. For instance, instead of using a store-bought jewelry cleaning solution, I make my own by mixing natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, water, and salt.

Argentium Silver

Argentium silver is an organic silver in a purer form. It contains up to 93.5% silver and is 100 percent recyclable. 

It has a just perfect hardness to make into jewelry and the shine it possess is marvelous and luxurious. Therefore there are no coating needed for Argentium silver, which makes an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin. 

Argentium silver is also a highly tarnish-resistant metal. It’s easy to maintain and retain it’s shine by only using a polishing cloth after each wearing. 

In long run, you don not have to worry about losing it’s coating and the value of silver is always highly appreciated whether they tarnish or not. 


Indulge your loved ones with Solid 14kt Gold; it is a long-lasting metal and has a luxurious and fab look. Solid 14kt Gold is naturally non-tarnish and suitable for everyday wearing and sensitive skin.

You could wear jewelry made with Solid 14kt Gold in your sleep, shower, during outdoor activities, and everything else.

Customization is available for 14kt Gold, contact me HERE if you like to make something special for your special someone. (Please note that I would only make similar designs as those exist in the shop already.)

Solid 14kt Gold

Yellow and Rose Gold-filled

14k Gold-filled is one of the metal I love working with the most. It is bonded with 5% of real gold onto a base metal. Thus, it makes lasting non-tarnish jewelry resembling those made with real solid gold but at a fraction of price.

14k Gold-filled last for a long time and very easy to take care of. You could do a quick polish with just a polishing cloth for making it extra shiny.

The two Gold-filled options available in the shop are Yellow Gold-filled and Rose Gold-filled. Both of these metals look great on the skin and will add warmth to your skin tone.

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Meet this beautiful and unique selection of Semi-precious stones curated in the shop. These gems are natural, hand-cut, and faceted. Depending on the stone type and character, these stones have beautiful luster from fair to excellent. You could find more details in the product description.

These stones have their colors, shape, and hues too. Although they are all slightly different, the most matching pair will be selected for making an earrings project. Do expect to receive your uniquely distinctive pair when you order these earrings.


Natural Semi-Precious Stones

Natural Brass

Natural Yellow Brass is a base metal that naturally has a gold hue resembling real solid gold. It is unnecessary to coat these base metal as the shine could be retained by just using a polishing cloth. Although they tarnish over time, you could maintain the shines by wiping your brass jewelry after each wearing before storing them away in an airtight bag. And what’s more, less process means better for the environment.

Brass is also a sustainable metal; all brass circulating in the market is recycled than mined. This is also the reason why I chose brass for ethical projects.

Concrete is trending these days, indeed I’ve used them in shop dated a few years back. They look super modern and contemporary and have a great weight to be make into adornments like ring cones. Opt for gray concrete if you like a cooler or more industrial look for your space and opt for white concrete if you like Scandinavian, and a cozier atmosphere.  




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