4 designs that is versatile and needed to complete the minimalist look this summer

Hexagon Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier

I’ve been thinking of designing a series of architectural works for a long time. The ideas of combining minimal and architectural lines were not able to blend together until recently. The ideas just flow through and I just have to make all 4 designs together. Sometimes, when the ideas and designs matured in my head, […]

How Simplicity make Packaging and Branding Ideas Work for My Shop

Shop Packaging and Branding Ideas - My Heavenly Atelier

Helloooooo….. Yes it’s been a few months I’ve not keep shop blog updated. There were so much to take care of once web shop back up and running again. I am still hustling with back end chores like keeping the designs of shop consistent, make sure every single clicks and links do their job properly, […]

Minimalist DIY Christmas Decor Easy to Make and So Elegant

How are you decorating your spaces for Christmas? If you are super busy and have not much time, no ideas of how to, even if you are broke, I have 2 simple DIY project that gave you no excuse of not decorating your spaces. It is so easy and fun to make, even it’s so […]

My Heavenly Atelier – where new beginning rooted in simplicity

My Heavenly Atelier - Rooted in Simplicity

When a 1 month project became 3 months? It isn’t simple at all but the efforts are well worth it because I know I am creating a site that will simplify all the jobs that I’ll be doing in the near future. So, I could spend more time designing, creating and doing more of what […]

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