5 Ways Marie Kondo Method that Help to Declutter

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Who doesn’t love to live in a tidy clean house or space? It is the pain of tidying that keep us away from this lifestyle that we once dream of. Instead of getting into time consuming tidying routine everyday, we talk ourself out and convince ourself that it is ‘okay’ to be untidy or live with clutters. Deep inside, we all know that it is not okay at all. Have you ever caught yourself mopping the floor, putting things away when you should actually be attending to a serious issue at work? Have you ever tidy your room before passing up an assignment? or meeting some kinda dead lines? Do you feel more frustrated when you see those clutters when you are in trauma?

I was in all those, it happened to me. All these are evidences that we are actually affected by our living environment. We could think better and focus better when we set ourself in a clean space. There is always this deep desire hidden somewhere inside us. For once, I have to simply admit, no I’m not okay with clutters. Once I started acknowledge this, changes slowly take place.

I’ve found the Marie Kondo method, which have helped me so much in keeping my space tidy, clean and clutter free. It is not an impossible dream, nor it asking you to invest all those painful hours all of your life into tidying. All it is about is tidying and organizing your stuffs and spaces in simple practical way once and for all.


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Once I finished reading about her method, I put it into practice. I started with my room, then my work space. I didn’t know it help so much by just applying this 5 ways that I learned. which is:

1. To Discard

Have you ever really thought of how much stuffs we actually needs to make us live happily and comfortably? Every single person is going to be different and so am I. I am really surprise that I don’t need that much stuffs surrounding me to live comfortably especially old stuffs. As I go through my stuffs, starting from the wardrobe, oh my gosh, I wonder to myself and guess what I found? Why on earth those old undies doing at the back of the shelves, they took up so much space……!!! (alright, that’s really embarrassing) There were also countless t-shirts, blouses, tops, bottoms and dresses that lost its elasticity or a size or two (maybe 3) too small. LOL….!

2. Learning to listen to my heart (Does it spark joy?)

Are you one of those that who own strong sentimental values to your stuffs? I am. at least sometimes. Here’s an easy way to examine your stuffs. Hold the piece in your hand, look at it carefully and ask yourself, does it sparks joy to you? If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, let it go. Let go of those stuffs which bring painful memories to you, for instance, an old t-shirt worn by your ex. We really don’t need excess emotional baggage. Say thank you to the pieces you are letting go as a manner of appreciation and gratefulness. Thank you, you’ve served me well, it’s time for you to go and move on.

3. Tidy by Category

No wonder I always find things out of nowhere only when I am not looking for them. Does it happen to you too? You were searching all over the places but you couldn’t find an item? And it appears before your eye when you stop searching. LOL…….! So, instead of tidying just a corner, wardrobe or drawer, I began to start tidying by category. The first and easiest category to begins with, as Marie Kondo suggest, clothing. It works wonder for me. I gathered all of my clothing and lay them on on my bed and floor, scanning through every single pieces, hold them in my hand, deciding which one spark joy to me and which one I should say thank you for serving me all these years then let them go. I let go of about 5 bagful of clothing after going through this process. The result is remarkable. What I gained? Extra storage places and more hangers which I thought of buying some.

4. Following Correct Orders of Category when Tidying

The first category should always be clothing, followed by books then miscellaneous(small items/sentimental items).
Keep things only because of you love them not just for keeping. This order have enable me to leave all difficult decision that might be time consuming to the last. As you know, to keep or not to keep, this is a question…LOL And, the answer to those questions are hard sometimes.

5. Assigning a specific space for each items/categories

All items should have their own designated space or spot. With a place reserve for all items, they always have a place to return to and won’t be appearing anywhere that they shouldn’t. I suddenly realize that not all my items own a spot of their own. This was one of the main cause of returning clutters. When your stuffs doesn’t have a fix place to return to, they could appear anywhere in the room or in the house, building up clutters without you knowing.

There are many more worth sharing tips from Marie Kondo such as her folding method, which is amazing too. She folds clothing into a small rectangle shape and store them standing at the edge vertically. Be surprise….! So many more tips that I recommended reading this book yourself and let me know if you do. If you have already read this, please share with me too, which ways have this method help you most or even not helping you? I also like to clarify that I’m not by all means affiliated to Marie Kondo’s materials. This method have benefited me a lot and I just like to share it with you so it could benefit you too.

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    Marie says:

    Hello Maggie,
    Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m glad that I apply them already and that I am slowly learning to let go of old things (without feeling guilty that is) by donating to a good cause.
    PS. Really love your clean and simple style 🙂

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