4 designs that is versatile and needed to complete the minimalist look this summer

Hexagon Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier
I’ve been thinking of designing a series of architectural works for a long time. The ideas of combining minimal and architectural lines were not able to blend together until recently. The ideas just flow through and I just have to make all 4 designs together. Sometimes, when the ideas and designs matured in my head, I can’t help but to release all of them. Here it is, all 4 minimalist and architectural designs with of course the influence of geometry. All 4 designs could be worn as a stud-less modern ear jackets, with those geometrical shapes before and after your ear lobe. Each of them are a well balance on their own and both shapes are in the same size except for the double hoops earrings which I made with a bigger hoop behind. The squarish minimalist architectural earrings has the most intricate design among all 4. I’ve thought about each turns and twist well ahead like a year ago. Looking at them, they evoke a of sense of familiarity to me but indeed it is something really new. 🙂
Architectural Pyramid Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier
I’m really please with the result and think that these 4 designs would really make some nice pieces for those who love looking like a minimalist chic. They are just so airy and breathable, light in weight and won’t toll your ear even when wearing them for the whole day. I hope you like these designs as much as I do, til then. xx
Hexagaon Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier Pinterest
Minimalist Architectural Earrings - My Heavenly Atelier